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Become Location Independent: The Travel Freedom Podcast is a travel lifestyle podcast that teaches listeners how to travel for the best possible price and how to create enough online income through blogging in order to live and travel overseas as much as they want. We interview digital nomads about how they make money online. You will also be able to follow our progress from making our first hundred dollars to making a full time living online. We also visit different destinations and discuss how to travel anywhere for less than staying home - and have a much better time doing it! We find the most affordable food and fun things to do and speak to local experts about the best off the beaten track experiences. Visit
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Feb 22, 2016

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Are you are struggling to make a money from your blog? We discuss the core strategies that are working for bloggers right now and how to choose which are right for you.

Feb 8, 2016

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Security, improved site speed, SEO, email list and social building, increase engagement, increase profit. There are a lot of plugins we use on all our Wordpress blogs. This is our list of essential ones that you shouldn't be without.

Dec 28, 2015

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Creating physical products can be a long process, but a very profitable one, if done right. Making mistakes early on can waste month and thousands of dollars. We chat with Jeremy from Tortuga Backpacks about avoiding the rookie mistakes and creating a profitable product business.


Dec 14, 2015
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This is a VIDEO PODCAST so turn on your screen to see what's happening!
How we got a brand new site from zero to 65,000 page views per month with only 6 pieces of content in 12 months. No back linking strategy or social promotion. 100% keyword SEO.
In this episode we talk about SEO basics, keywords, how to find them and how to choose the ones that will actually get you results and get your pages ranking on page one of google.
We talk about long tail keywords and about how you can get way more traffic by ranking each article for multiple keywords, instead of just one.
We also go in depth in to all the features in the Yoast SEO plugin that novice bloggers always seem to miss. Even we didn't find many of these features in the first 6 months using it! 
Nov 2, 2015

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3 common mistakes that are slowing your email list growth. 4 steps to keeping your emails going direct to the inbox, not to spam. Email Marketing expert Tom Tate from Aweber discusses how email is a more effective way to connect and sell to your audience than social media. Plus, we explain the ESP (Email Service Provider) we use to manage and automate email to 4,000 subscribers across multiple lists.

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Oct 19, 2015

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IBM’s Social Media Strategist, Alex de Carvalho, explains how to create a brand that clearly identifies you and your company and that can grow with you as your company develops. Plus, how to evolve or re-brand when things aren’t working out.

Get Alex's quick branding tips and the quick blog setup cheat sheet by visiting the show notes.


Oct 5, 2015



In part 2 of our core concepts series we explain how landing pages and your blog theme can increase sales, email sign-ups and engagement. We explain the best all-in-one solution for managing the look and feel of your website. Get FREE Your core concept cheat sheet in the show notes.
Sep 21, 2015



Could most corporate jobs soon be location independent? Our guest Fabian, TEDx speaker and serial traveler for 14 years, reveals insights from his startup diaries project which interviewed remote workers on how they escaped traditional lives to find more freedom. Listen to this episode if you want inspiration and information on what it is like to be location independent and ways you could achieve it.


  • Why people choose to re-define their work lives
  • Fabian's incredible story of 14 years as a full time traveller
  • Why living in nomad hubs will grow your business
  • New co-working spaces in Morocco
  • The biggest Challenges people face living a location independent life
  • Alternatives to blogging for an online income
  • The future of corporate jobs - will the cubicle be a thing of the past? And reasons would corporations change that model?
  • How Fabian got to Speak at TEDx
  • Safety when visiting Brazil and other parts of South America


Sep 7, 2015



Do readers take your blog seriously and trust your advice? If they don't, sales are almost impossible to make. We discuss the why and how of Authority and we talk in depth about step one (of many!) towards authority: Self Hosting & Wordpress.


CHECK OUT OUR NEW IN-DEPTH SHOW NOTES. As part of our "core concepts" series that will be integrated into our regular Money Mondays schedule, our show notes for these episodes will feature full written explanations of the core concepts that we discuss.
Aug 24, 2015




Is Thailand the ultimate cauldron for first time digital nomads? We talk about the pros and cons of choosing Thailand to get your start and compare Chiang Mai to Koh Phangnan for being the best hub to choose. Plus, we announce the "Travel Bloggers Retreat" - for which we are guest speakers.




  • Why you should move to Thailand to grow your business faster
  • Best Thai visa options for location independent business people
  • Koh Phangan vs Chiang Mai? Is the new digital nomad hub going to give the world's top hub a run for it's money?
  • Co-working spaces - costs and benefits
  • Are Thai authorities cracking down on digital nomads?


Aug 10, 2015




Amanda from MarocMama built a 6 figure food tour business in less than 15 months leveraging traffic from her food-travel blog. She shares her strategies and gives actionable tips so you can emulate her success.






  • How to turn blog traffic into tour customers
  • How to decide what tours to start offering
  • Tips for dealing with local laws for tour companies
  • How to grow your tour business by implementing the blogging community
  • How to create a 6 figure tour business with zero advertising budget
  • Best plugins and tools for managing bookings and payments.



Jul 27, 2015


Jason Will of Zipkick shares how their new travel app launch has got so much attention, without a massive media budget. How to build the relationships that will make your product launch with a bang, not a fizzle.


  • The new Zipkick intelligent booking app that is working with bloggers
  • Using twitter to land big fish really works - tips to help you succeed at networking with twitter
  • Networking doesn't start with business
  • The elements of a product launch strategy and how they work together
  • How to leverage people to be desperate to advertise your launch for free
  • Why cold sales pitches are the least effective method for getting launch support
  • The importance of brand alignment in getting raving supporters
Jul 13, 2015

Show Notes:


If you currently make less than $200 a month from affiliate sales, or are new to affiliate sales, we introduce tips and strategies that will help you generate passive income from your travel blog.




  • How to choose the right affiliates for your brand - that won't offend your readers
  • Which travel affiliates convert well
  • Which Affiliate networks are best for travel bloggers
  • Plugins to save affiliate pages from google slaps
  • How to get you affiliate money into your bank account the easy way.
  • A checklist: 4 Thing that you need to get right for an affiliate to convert.


Jun 29, 2015



Is it time to improve your website design in order to increase engagement? We talk website design, social integration and blog monetization with Raymond Walsh from Man on the Lam. Plus, the rumours are true. Romanian Internet is the fastest we've ever used, you won't believe just how fast it is!


Interview Guest: Raymond Walsh From


  • A unique method for finding a good website designer
  • Tips for making sure you choose the right designer
  • Using contests to re-launch your overhauled website
  • The importance of small details to give your site a personality that people will remember
  • Improving page rank and engagement by having a good design
  • How much design knowledge do you need to design your own site?
  • Multiple revenue streams and having side gigs to supplement blog income
  • Why social media sharing is directly affected by your web design and how to increase sharing.
  • How to buy other people's blogs and make steady profit
  • Why Raymond chose travel freedom!


World Nomads

Jun 15, 2015


MONEY MONDAYS: Building an independent 30 day press trip saved us over $6000, learn how you can follow in our footsteps. Tips, tricks, advice on setting up your next press trip.

We detail all of our expenses, what we got in exchange for blogging and promoting companies and valuable tips and tricks that helped us make it happen.

We also unveil a little surprise that might really help you too...



World Nomads Insurance - Specifically designed for digital nomads, flashpackers, adventure & long term Travellers - Get a 5% Discount with our coupon code: WN5DP

AirBnB - THIS LINK  gets you $25 (£16/22Euros) off your first booking with AirBnB.

Sir Toby's Hostel, Prague - Get your 10% discount off your next stay with the code "travelfreedom"

Retox Budapest - Party Hostel in Budapest

Polawalk Vienna - Check out all their available Tours HERE
Want to do the same tour we did? Then check out the Prater Vienna Tour HERE

Claustrophillia Escape Room (Exit Game) in Budapest.

Jun 1, 2015


With almost half a million followers on Pinterest, Nienke Krook is an expert at engagement and implementing Pinterest to get traffic and build her brand. She reveals her top tricks, tips and secrets to harnessing the power of Pinterest for your own site.


  • Pinterest is not a social network
  • How Pinterest can help you represent your brand and personality
  • Unexpected options for engagement on Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest helps you sell more than Facebook
  • Why and how to SEO your Pinterest boards
  • How to make affiliate sales now that Pinterest doesn't allow affiliate links
  • How to get people to click through on pins to your website / blog
  • Common Pinterest mistakes to avoid


May 25, 2015



Too busy to get all your blog/business tasks done? Worried that putting your business in the hands of virtual staff may lead to disaster? The people growing their business fastest are outsourcing. David Liem gives a 101 course on getting into hiring virtual staff. Why you should, how to do it and when to do it.


  • Why resisting outsourcing is holding your business back
  • Why having more time is ALWAYS worth the money
  • When should you outsource?
  • Simple steps for first time outsourcers to find the right staff.
  • The benefits of outsourcing over hiring regular staff
  • Tips on monitoring and managing virtual staff
  • Ideas on what sort of tasks you could be outsourcing right away
  • Whether you should hire cheap staff and train them, or get more expensive, experiences staff
  • Which outsourcing platform you should use
May 11, 2015


We interview some of the top travel bloggers in the business. Feat. Jodi Ettenberg (Legal Nomads), Derek Baron (Wandering Earl), Gary Arndt (Everything Everywhere), Indie Travel Podcast, Nathaniel Boyle (Daily Travel Podcast) and many more!




  • Blog Monetization tips from top bloggers
  • Tips for getting the most out of conferences
  • Inspirational quotes on why long term travellers choose a travel freedom lifestyle
  • What first time conference goers got out of attending



May 4, 2015


Want more clicks on your articles? You need better headlines. Chief copywriter from Copy Blogger, Demian Farnworth, discusses how to massively improve your headlines and then engage readers better once they land on your articles.

  • Why you must treat blogging as copy writing if you want to engage readers in 2015
  • Why list posts are still incredibly effective but "How to" has lots some of its power
  • Demian's top tips for writing better headlines
  • Why you keep "burying the lead" - and how to find it
  • Understanding how to use the "4U's" of headline writing will massively increase click through
  • Why short headlines just work better and when to use them
  • Will journalistic style writing be replaced by copywriting?
  • Why podcasting is the future of blogging
  • Why most podcast headlines suck, and what to do about it 


Better headlines = More clicks. Improve your copywriting now.
Apr 27, 2015


$76 per day in passive income? Plus freelancing = supporting a family of 4 while travelling the world full time. Sharon Gourlay proves that great SEO and affiliate linked articles (even without an effective email list!) are all you need to discover travel freedom.


  • Is Yoast SEO as good as you think it is?
  • Why you shouldn't find keywords for the articles you want to write but should find keywords before you decide what to write.
  • Why SEO is a waiting game and you should not get impatient
  • How to find long tail keywords
  • How to use google webmaster tools to improve SEO ranking super fast
  • Why you shouldn't rely on google
  • Are you wasting your time with social media?

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Apr 20, 2015


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How video can be a full time income for your blog.

Who is interested in paying bloggers for video and how to pitch them.

Relationships before pitches.

The new course to turn you into a travel video pro.

How to look outside of your blog for income.

The importance of credibility over short term gain.


Apr 13, 2015


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In the Travel With Bender episode:

Even if you don't have kids you'll want to learn from Josh & Erin Bender - Family travel lifestyle experts. The benefits of an "on-the-road" education and the biggest challenges kids pose to their nomad parents. Plus, we celebrate 2 years on the road! Feature Topics in this episode:

  • Why Kids are not a barrier to travel
  • What are the biggest challenges to long term travel with kids
  • Living in Bali in a high quality place for a Family of 4 for $2,500 - all inclusive.
  • Why travel is a better education for your kids
  • Transitioning from a web development business to being full time bloggers.
  • Running competitions to monetize your blog
  • Why advertisers are not paying for your writing, and what they are paying for...
  • How having kids doesn't affect your opportunities to work with travel companies
  • Why Family travel bloggers find it easier to get free stuff
  • Getting paid to travel by a sauce company?
  • Travel Lifestyle does not have to be permanent

Weblinks from Travels With Bender Episode

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Apr 6, 2015


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In the John Lee Dumas episode:

Corporate America is taking over podcasting. Grow your audience now before it costs a fortune. With over 1 Million downloads per month, John Lee Dumas (Best of iTunes 2013) makes a six figure monthly salary from podcasting. John tells us how to launch a successful podcast in 2015 before it's too late. Feature Topics in this episode:

  • Podcasters Paradise - Free Webinars
  • Why should bloggers start a podcast
  • Is podcasting the business solution for you?
  • Why there has never been a better time to start a podcast - get in before its full
  • The importance of indie podcasters finding a narrow niche
  • Why podcasting will replace radio, soon!
  • How to get new listeners quickly
  • How important is iTunes new and noteworthy?
  • The importance of iTunes artwork

Weblinks from John Lee Dumas Episode

World Nomads Insurance - Specifically designed for digital nomads, flashpackers, adventure & long term Travellers - Get a 5% Discount with our coupon code: WN5DP Trusted - Use discount code 5DP to get a 15% discount on membership Mardena Murray @boomermgm

Mar 30, 2015

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In the My Tan Feet episode:

How the "My Tan Feet" Blog made over $36,000 in their first two years. The monetization and customer targeting tips that can help your blog start printing money right away. Feature Topics in this episode:

  • Why you should develop a flexible brand from day one
  • Why niche = authority
  • Why blogs are better for audiences
  • How choosing the right niche can make or break your business
  • Why targeted email sequences convert readers into customers
  • Choosing affiliates that work
  • Why Adsense can still work for you
  • Pitch or fail. Why bitting the bullet and cold emailing is often the only way to grow your income
  • Why being able to do simple video will get you more blogging work
  • The importance of an auto responder sequence with evergreen content
  • Why email beats social media and google every time
  • Building a quality email list with a 70% open rate
  • An engaged audience will get you more sponsorship and earnings than a larger, unengaged audience
  • How to build your own press trip
  • Why you shouldn't just rely on affiliate programs that already exist.


Weblinks from My Tan Feet Episode

Interview Guest: Samantha & Yeison My Tan Feet 5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Dream Lifestyle: Download here (Last chance to get the book for free!) MONDAY TOOL: Aweber: Email marketing newsletters World Nomads Insurance - Specifically designed for digital nomads, flashpackers, adventure & long term Travellers - Get a 5% Discount with our coupon code: WN5DP Trusted - Use discount code 5DP to get a 15% discount on membership

Mar 23, 2015


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In the Natalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur episode:

Are you sure you have the right business? Or can't even decide what sort of business or blog to start? Todays masterclass covers how to make sure you are heading in the right direction and how to kickstart your digital nomad career! Feature Topics in this episode:

  • How you know if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur
  • How to differentiate a passion from a business plan
  • How to discover your "Sweet Spot" - the match between you passions, skills and which of those is saleable.
  • Why Passion for a project does not have to be full on to start with.
  • How to choose a great niche
  • Should you think about an end product, before building an audience first, or get an audience and then develop a product around their needs?
  • The importance of an avatar - how to cater for the right people to make your business a success.
  • How to know if there is a market for your product / service / idea
  • How to grow an audience quickly, from scratch
  • How to use kickstarter to build an audience
  • The importance of accountability in getting projects completed
  • The key to a successful crowd funding campaign is...
  • The importance of making a list of what you really want from life - your dreams


Weblinks from Natalie Sisson Episode

World Nomads Insurance - Specifically designed for digital nomads, flashpackers, adventure & long term Travellers - Get a 5% Discount with our coupon code: WN5DP Trusted - Use discount code 5DP to get a 15% discount on membership How to become a housesitting pro in just 3 months. TBEX - The Largest Travel bloggers event in the world. - Natalie's new complete course - get on the VIP List now for a discount!
DISCLAIMER: We are affiliated with TBEX, Trusted Housesitters, World nomads, Lems Shoes, Cabin Zero - all companies we love and support. We are not affiliated with any other of the recommended products on this page. All our opinions, as always, are our own.
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