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Become Location Independent: The Travel Freedom Podcast is a travel lifestyle podcast that teaches listeners how to travel for the best possible price and how to create enough online income through blogging in order to live and travel overseas as much as they want. We interview digital nomads about how they make money online. You will also be able to follow our progress from making our first hundred dollars to making a full time living online. We also visit different destinations and discuss how to travel anywhere for less than staying home - and have a much better time doing it! We find the most affordable food and fun things to do and speak to local experts about the best off the beaten track experiences. Visit
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Dec 28, 2015

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Creating physical products can be a long process, but a very profitable one, if done right. Making mistakes early on can waste month and thousands of dollars. We chat with Jeremy from Tortuga Backpacks about avoiding the rookie mistakes and creating a profitable product business.


Dec 21, 2015

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16 countries across 2 continents… We've experienced and eaten a lot! Today our favourites (and least favourites) in food, attractions, journeys, destinations, accommodation, drinks and more! Could we have eaten the best burger in the world in 2015? Time to find out.

Dec 14, 2015
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This is a VIDEO PODCAST so turn on your screen to see what's happening!
How we got a brand new site from zero to 65,000 page views per month with only 6 pieces of content in 12 months. No back linking strategy or social promotion. 100% keyword SEO.
In this episode we talk about SEO basics, keywords, how to find them and how to choose the ones that will actually get you results and get your pages ranking on page one of google.
We talk about long tail keywords and about how you can get way more traffic by ranking each article for multiple keywords, instead of just one.
We also go in depth in to all the features in the Yoast SEO plugin that novice bloggers always seem to miss. Even we didn't find many of these features in the first 6 months using it! 
Dec 7, 2015

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SUMMARY: We visit a traditional micro brewery, eat schnitzel and sausages filled with cheese, ride a Segway through a storm and talk wine and Christmas markets with Helena from Vienna Tourism.


  • Get christmassy with over 22 permanent christmas markets annually in Vienna as well as plenty of pop-up markets that appear every year.
  • Vienna is the only Capital in the world with a large wine production within it's city limits.
  • Alternative Coffee culture - and historic coffee culture added to the UNESCO intangible cultural protected list in 2011
  • We eat Sausage stuffed with cheese!
  • We try some unexpected home made beers, including hemp beer and chilli beer.
  • We get caught in a storm on our Segway tour.
  • Schnitzel! Of course.
  • A Viennese pastry shop run by retirees - they have the best recipes!