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Become Location Independent: The Travel Freedom Podcast is a travel lifestyle podcast that teaches listeners how to travel for the best possible price and how to create enough online income through blogging in order to live and travel overseas as much as they want. We interview digital nomads about how they make money online. You will also be able to follow our progress from making our first hundred dollars to making a full time living online. We also visit different destinations and discuss how to travel anywhere for less than staying home - and have a much better time doing it! We find the most affordable food and fun things to do and speak to local experts about the best off the beaten track experiences. Visit
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Jun 29, 2015



Is it time to improve your website design in order to increase engagement? We talk website design, social integration and blog monetization with Raymond Walsh from Man on the Lam. Plus, the rumours are true. Romanian Internet is the fastest we've ever used, you won't believe just how fast it is!


Interview Guest: Raymond Walsh From


  • A unique method for finding a good website designer
  • Tips for making sure you choose the right designer
  • Using contests to re-launch your overhauled website
  • The importance of small details to give your site a personality that people will remember
  • Improving page rank and engagement by having a good design
  • How much design knowledge do you need to design your own site?
  • Multiple revenue streams and having side gigs to supplement blog income
  • Why social media sharing is directly affected by your web design and how to increase sharing.
  • How to buy other people's blogs and make steady profit
  • Why Raymond chose travel freedom!


World Nomads

Jun 22, 2015



We reveal our latest travel tip that just completely changed and improved our travel experience and saved us from being homeless. And, anyone can implement this. Plus we chat with Betty from Bratislava tourism and explore the history, food and wine of Europe's "Little-big city"


  • Feature: The best travel tip we have discovered in over 2 years and how it saved us from being stuck in a dorm with the loudest snorer on earth.
  • Interview: Betty from Bratislava tourism (LINK)
  • Food: Pierogi, Bratislava nut rolls and much more!
Jun 15, 2015


MONEY MONDAYS: Building an independent 30 day press trip saved us over $6000, learn how you can follow in our footsteps. Tips, tricks, advice on setting up your next press trip.

We detail all of our expenses, what we got in exchange for blogging and promoting companies and valuable tips and tricks that helped us make it happen.

We also unveil a little surprise that might really help you too...



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Sir Toby's Hostel, Prague - Get your 10% discount off your next stay with the code "travelfreedom"

Retox Budapest - Party Hostel in Budapest

Polawalk Vienna - Check out all their available Tours HERE
Want to do the same tour we did? Then check out the Prater Vienna Tour HERE

Claustrophillia Escape Room (Exit Game) in Budapest.

Jun 8, 2015



We discover traditional czech food, the unexpected micro-brewery scene of Prague and that the city has a lot more to offer the adventure traveller within minutes of the city centre than you'd ever know! Plus - A UNESCO site without the tourists...


We Interview Local Adventure Mountain Biker Fillipo Mari about adventure travel activities in the city, Jazz bars, Unesco sites without the tourists and, of course, czech food!
We Visit the Czech Beer festival and local Micro Breweries
We cook in the Chef Parade Cooking school - A few weeks after Jamie Oliver was there cooking
We stay at the Sir Toby's Boutique Hostel:  - 10% off your stay with the code "mytravelfreedom" and at any other hostel that is part of the Sir Toby's Group.
Jun 4, 2015

We are Switching to a once a week format From June 1st. Money Mondays & Travel Mondays will alternate until further notice. So listen in Monday 8th June for our first "Travel Mondays" episode. And then Join us again on Monday 15th June for the next money mondays Episode.

Due to our busy schedule we just don't have time to produce two episodes a week right now to the level of quality that we want. So, we hope, by producing less episodes we can raise the standard for what we publish.

Thanks for listening, your feedback is always welcome.

Jun 1, 2015


With almost half a million followers on Pinterest, Nienke Krook is an expert at engagement and implementing Pinterest to get traffic and build her brand. She reveals her top tricks, tips and secrets to harnessing the power of Pinterest for your own site.


  • Pinterest is not a social network
  • How Pinterest can help you represent your brand and personality
  • Unexpected options for engagement on Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest helps you sell more than Facebook
  • Why and how to SEO your Pinterest boards
  • How to make affiliate sales now that Pinterest doesn't allow affiliate links
  • How to get people to click through on pins to your website / blog
  • Common Pinterest mistakes to avoid