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Become Location Independent: The Travel Freedom Podcast is a travel lifestyle podcast that teaches listeners how to travel for the best possible price and how to create enough online income through blogging in order to live and travel overseas as much as they want. We interview digital nomads about how they make money online. You will also be able to follow our progress from making our first hundred dollars to making a full time living online. We also visit different destinations and discuss how to travel anywhere for less than staying home - and have a much better time doing it! We find the most affordable food and fun things to do and speak to local experts about the best off the beaten track experiences. Visit
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May 28, 2015


How we kept our costs so low in Mongolia. We interview Meg from Ulaanbaatar about her favourite places in Mongolia and some of the most unusual superstitions. Plus: How we discovered the local festivals that even the tour operators don't know about.



  • Feature: How we travelled Mongolia east to west for only $33 per person per day.
  • Interview: Meg from chats about some of her favourite places in Mongolia and some of  the most unusual superstitions.
  • Find & visit the Local Naadam festivals for Free!


May 25, 2015



Too busy to get all your blog/business tasks done? Worried that putting your business in the hands of virtual staff may lead to disaster? The people growing their business fastest are outsourcing. David Liem gives a 101 course on getting into hiring virtual staff. Why you should, how to do it and when to do it.


  • Why resisting outsourcing is holding your business back
  • Why having more time is ALWAYS worth the money
  • When should you outsource?
  • Simple steps for first time outsourcers to find the right staff.
  • The benefits of outsourcing over hiring regular staff
  • Tips on monitoring and managing virtual staff
  • Ideas on what sort of tasks you could be outsourcing right away
  • Whether you should hire cheap staff and train them, or get more expensive, experiences staff
  • Which outsourcing platform you should use
May 21, 2015



  • How to stay with a real nomad family, not in a tourist Ger.
  • Breaking down in the middle of the Gobi Desert - When travel to remote areas goes wrong.
May 18, 2015



Methods to figure out what to charge and how to nurture long term relationships with brands. PR expert Sara Robles discusses how to value yourself and how to make companies take notice of you.


  • How to pitch hotels for free accommodation - the right way.
  • How to learn what a company needs from you
  • Why email is not the way to build business relationships and some methods that work much better.
  • How to gauge when to push a business relationship further
  • Why you shouldn't be "all business"
  • Why its all about stalking.
  • Why interacting in blogger groups can help you find the right businesses too
  • How many people you should email at any given company
  • When you should start talking money
  • The PR Formula for knowing what to charge for your blogging work
  • Why your value as a blogger goes way beyond providing links at a "cost-per-click" rate
  • What to do when campaigns go wrong.
  • How to perpetuate the relationship
Sara's advice on knowing how much to charge:
The PR formula for the value of editorial it's called AVE (advertising value equivalency). Translated to online, this is what I suggested:
Measure the space (column inches) occupied by an article, for podcast and video, of course, you measure time.
Then multiply the column inches (or the podcast duration time) by the ad rate for the exact number of readers (like banners on similar pages).
Add up your costs (if you had any) and add up a 15-30% for credibility/reputation value
Important! "The use of this technique can perpetuate two major fallacies: (1) that editorial is "free advertising," and (2) that dollar cost equals dollar value."
ALSO use this formula just to have an idea about what's reasonable to charge but always adapt it to your own situation/numbers. I recommend using a mix of formulas depending on the service offered.
More about this:

May 14, 2015


We experience gravity on a whole new level with a 50 second free fall in EmpuriaBrava. Costa Brava expert Jaume Marin, shares some of the reasons the catalonian region of spain should be on your travel bucket list. Plus, we go to prison in Castello d'Empuries.


  • Feature Topic: Getting chucked out of a plane has been one of the most adrenaline intense experiences of our lives.
  • Local Interview: Jaume Marin, head of Costa Brava (Spain) tourism.
  • Fun/Travel: We visit the small, lesser known walled town of Castello d'Empuries and end up in prison...
May 11, 2015


We interview some of the top travel bloggers in the business. Feat. Jodi Ettenberg (Legal Nomads), Derek Baron (Wandering Earl), Gary Arndt (Everything Everywhere), Indie Travel Podcast, Nathaniel Boyle (Daily Travel Podcast) and many more!




  • Blog Monetization tips from top bloggers
  • Tips for getting the most out of conferences
  • Inspirational quotes on why long term travellers choose a travel freedom lifestyle
  • What first time conference goers got out of attending



May 7, 2015



A better life for a fraction of the price? SE Asia on $7 a day, the real cost of Asia that the tourism agents don't want you to know about. A meal for 2 on the beach for $4, PLUS: How to beat the police and motorbike scams.


  • Feature: Asia on $7-$15 per person per day.
  • Story Corner: Motorbikes of death! The realities of hiring a scooter in Cambodia - Plus how to beat the scams.
  • $5 food: Beach meal


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May 4, 2015


Want more clicks on your articles? You need better headlines. Chief copywriter from Copy Blogger, Demian Farnworth, discusses how to massively improve your headlines and then engage readers better once they land on your articles.

  • Why you must treat blogging as copy writing if you want to engage readers in 2015
  • Why list posts are still incredibly effective but "How to" has lots some of its power
  • Demian's top tips for writing better headlines
  • Why you keep "burying the lead" - and how to find it
  • Understanding how to use the "4U's" of headline writing will massively increase click through
  • Why short headlines just work better and when to use them
  • Will journalistic style writing be replaced by copywriting?
  • Why podcasting is the future of blogging
  • Why most podcast headlines suck, and what to do about it 


Better headlines = More clicks. Improve your copywriting now.